1. Exploring the city and orientation
  2. Finding a home
  3. Finding a school
  4. Optional services upon arrival
  5. Adapting to your new environment
  6. Departure programme

Tailored programmes

Each family/individual has differing needs and priorities. This is why we believe in offering you a unique programme suited to your specific requirements, not a set formula.

We show you a detailed list of services that, in our experience, are the most requested, and from them we will draw up a programme together, adapted to your needs and your schedule. However, please do not hesitate to request anything else you need.

The success of our job depends largely on how well we get to know you and how much we learn of your requirements. Once you decide to work with us, we will send you a questionnaire that we would like you to fill in as thoroughly and as fully as possible.

Our job is not over when you have settled in. We can help you in various other ways to make living in London more fullfiling.